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Table of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. What Are Hash Tables?
  3. Open Addressing
  4. Separate Chaining
  5. Cuckoo Hashing
  6. Analysis
  7. Abstract
  8. Testing Methodology
  9. Expected Results
  10. Results
  11. Average Contains Hit
  12. Average Add
  13. Average Evict
  14. Average Contains Miss
  15. Conclusions
  16. Future Work


This blog compares a couple of different ways of dealing with hash collisions in hash tables. The implementations and benchmarking were both done in Java with the graphs and analysis done through Pandas and Seaborn+Matplotlib in Python. The implementations themselves include a linear probing implementation, a quadratic probing one, a linked list based hash, and finally a Cuckoo hash. There are four tests I examine: the average time taken…

Image courtesy of Ani Aggarwal

Recently, I was tasked with writing a speech for English class and was allowed to choose any topic; naturally, I chose AI. More specifically, I wrote about AI and fake news in social media and the use of supervised versus unsupervised training. This speech was to be part of a debate-like format, where myself and a partner would write a three to five minute speech arguing for or against a resolution. After doing some research, we were randomly assigned to the pro-supervised and con-supervised arguments and independently wrote our speeches. I have attached those here for your reading pleasure, along…


What is YOLO?

YOLO or You Only Look Once, is a popular real-time object detection algorithm. YOLO combines what was once a multi-step process, using a single neural network to perform both classification and prediction of bounding boxes for detected objects. As such, it is heavily optimized for detection performance and can run much faster than running two separate neural networks to detect and classify objects separately. It does this by repurposing traditional image classifiers to be used for the regression task of identifying bounding boxes for objects. This article will only look at YOLOv1, the first of the many iterations this architecture…

Hey, Ani Aggarwal here. This is my first in a series of blogs inspired by the AI course I am partaking in, Inspirit AI. More details about this program are located at the end of this blog.

On me

I’m a junior in a high school located in the Bay Area, and being surrounded by tech startups powered by AI has given me an opportunity to learn from and connect with some of the most incredible people I’ve met. Outside of my school work and coding, I love playing sports and working out, and I particularly enjoy martial arts and other similar…

Ani Aggarwal

I am a high school student interested in AI and data science.

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