Hey, Ani Aggarwal here. This is my first in a series of blogs inspired by the AI course I am partaking in, Inspirit AI. More details about this program are located at the end of this blog.

On me

I have been interested in computers for years, and in the time I’ve spent coding, I’ve come to love machine learning and artificial intelligence. I find computer vision applications of AI especially interesting and more rewarding than many other AI specializations. I still love learning about the latest advances in other areas, but computer vision holds a special place in my heart.

On this blog

Those of you who are interested in computer vision and its implementations in projects such as the upcoming one, follow this blog, especially if you like to understand both the conceptual basis of projects as well as the technical details. Hopefully, you’ll learn something with me or see a new way to do a task you were already familiar with. My goal is to provide you with engaging blogs on AI, mainly in computer vision, although I may venture into other areas as long as the topics are entertaining or informative.

On Inspirit AI

Ani Aggarwal is a Student Ambassador in the Inspirit AI Student Ambassadors Program. Inspirit AI is a pre-collegiate enrichment program that exposes curious high school students globally to AI through live online classes. Learn more at https://www.inspiritai.com/.

I am a high school student interested in AI and data science.