Hey, Ani Aggarwal here. This is my first in a series of blogs inspired by the AI course I am partaking in, Inspirit AI. More details about this program are located at the end of this blog.

On me

I’m a junior in a high school located in the Bay Area, and being surrounded by tech startups powered by AI has given me an opportunity to learn from and connect with some of the most incredible people I’ve met. Outside of my school work and coding, I love playing sports and working out, and I particularly enjoy martial arts and other similar contact sports. I did Taekwondo for almost eight years before receiving my black belt, and nowadays I wrestle and practice Muay Thai.

On this blog

As you may have guessed, this blog will be computer vision heavy, and I plan on taking you on a journey with me through my projects and research in this field. My next few blog posts will be part of a mini-series on multiple objects tracking with a recurrent YOLO network. YOLO networks are excellent at detecting and classifying multiple features in an image, and combining that with a recurrent LSTM or similar architecture should allow multiple objects to be tracked at once in a video. Conceptually, this implementation should be successful, but it will be a technically complex project for me, so stick around to see the process and the end result.

On Inspirit AI

I began with Inspirit AI through their AI Scholars program where I got to delve deeper into learning about AI than my previous dabbles through YouTube and Udemy had taken me. I got to learn about a variety of different AI specializations from NLP to CV to AI in healthcare and finance. I worked with a team of other students led by MIT M.S. John Heyer and Stanford Ph.D. Eli Wang. We worked to create an emotion detection AI to assist autistic children who aren’t able to recognize facial expressions effectively. It was a great experience being able to interact with people who worked and were knowledgeable in this field to use AI for a project that benefits others. From this experience, I found that I enjoyed CV the most as I could actually see my model segment lung scans rather than be told that a 5 cm long petal is representative of an Iris Versicolour.

I am a high school student interested in AI and data science.